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Copy Corner is the revolutionary new tech service available in Cortland, NY and is located at 41 Port Watson St. We offer a wide variety of technological services, like printing, computer repair, digital design, large format art printing, aerial photos, 3D design, 3D printing, 3D animation, web hosting, web design, email hosting and much more. Call or stop in today and see all we can do for you with our top of the line printers, plotters, 3d printers, drones, and new technologies for hire being developed every day.
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Sorry, we have discontinued our FTP service, please just email your files directly for production. Thank you.




"Camera ready" refers to an item that is ready to print with proper margins, bleeds and crop marks. If an item does not have a bleed, it does not need crop marks but still needs a blank margin.

  • Margin - All documents have a 1/4 in. zone around the edge that can not contain any vital information. Images may touch the edge of the final design only if they continue past the edge and into the BLEED.
  • Bleed - The bleed is a 1/4 in. section past the edges of the final design used as a margin of error for cutting the final piece. All images must continue as far as possible into theis BLEED AREA.
  • Crop Marks - Crop marks show where to cut the final design but do not touch the edges of the actual design (Some people mistakenly assume an outline is an acceptable crop mark. It is not.)